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Our Mission

Our core competence is more than 20 years of relationships with the largest manufacturers in the Chinese healthcare sector. These relationships have been established on the basis of purchasing products for the medical consumer goods of traditional Chinese medicine.


Our mission is to help people increase their quality of life, by providing non-pharmaceutical natural products that are clinically effective to help prevent and alleviate pain. Our goal is to decrease dependency on opioids and NSAIDS (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) and facilitate self-medication in the comfort of the home setting without side effects or the risk of overdosing.

The story behind the picture

The Grimselpass is a Swiss mountain pass that lies in the Gotthard mountain range.

The pass lies at 2164 meters above sea level and is situated between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. For the Swiss this area was and is of great importance; it is firmly linked to the history and origin of Switzerland, a confederation of 26 cantons. and is. It is a place where different European cultural and linguistic areas meet. The roof of Europe, a thoroughfare for the people of Europe, a symbol of independence, but also of unity, the identity of Switzerland and above all the unspoiled purity of nature.

At the same time, these Alpine regions stand for technical engineering masterpieces, whether it be the longest railway tunnels in the world or the highest railway stations to the some of the tallest peaks in the world (Jungfraujoch) - a symbol of man's will and creative power to tame nature, not to conquer it, but to tame it the symbiosis of technical excellence. This combination, combining the power of nature with the most modern scientific knowledge, stands for the products of HCTT Switzerland AG.


Photo by Sascha Riehl /

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