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HCTT Switzerland Co. Ltd., Kloten, Switzerland



China TCM Trading (CTT) Liab. Ltd., Freienbach, Switzerland

Production & Distribution Switzerland

Marc Rueedi


HCTT Europe Liab Ltd., Berlin, Germany

Sales & Distribution EU

Joerg Hotzel



HCTT Services GmbH, Salzburg, Austria


EU Rep / Market Surveillance / Quality Control


Christian Sallmann-Burkhart 

Company Structure

HCTT Switzerland AG (Co. Ltd.)


CH Kloten
Distribution EU & World
HCTT Europe GmBH

DE Berlin

Logo_HCTT 70px-02.png

CTT China TCM Trading GmbH (Liab. Ltd.)


CH Freienbach Manufacturer + Distribution Switzerland
Managing: Marc Rueedi

HCTT Europe GmbH (Liab.Ltd.)


DE Berlin
Distribution EU / World
Managing : Joerg Hotzel

HCTT Services GmbH (Liab.Ltd.)


AT Salzburg

EU Representaive / Market Surveillance / Quality Control
Managing: Christian Sallmann-Burkhart / Anette Skowronsky

China TCM Trading GmbH (CTT) has been founded in Freienbach, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland in 1996. In 2007 the company expanded its presence in Europe by opening a subsidiary office in Germany.

Today the company focuses in two business areas:

1. Manufacturing, of medical products in cooperation with selected Asian and European partners in accordance with Swiss and European quality and safety standards (ISO 13485),. The products are distributed under our registered brand name HerbaChaud in over 30 countries. A new SHOOSH® product, a therapeutic heat patch will be launched in June 2020.

2. Direct sales through our online shop targeting medical professionals requiring daily complementary and physical medicinal goods.
We ensure that only high-quality branded products controlled by our internal Swiss quality control system, are sold and distributed. We believe in the value of high-quality brands and therefore sell only original products from leading international brands such as SEIRIN, HWATO, DONGBANG, SHOOSH, SCHUELKE, YUWELL etc.  As global international trade rises there is the increased risk of dangerous counterfeit products circulating in the global market place.  We combat this by having strict controls in place so we can guarantee the origin of all our products providing peace of mind that they are original and safe to use. Our ethical policies and standards ensure products comply with international work practices and labour standards and that our products don’t harm the environment.

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