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Medical disposable products


HerbaChaud® has been developed using a mixture of ancient minerals and herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine.  These have been combined with a new type of heat technology to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation.  HerbaChaud® natural heating patches are physically attached to the body, odourless and emit a deep penetrating warmth for up to 12 hours and are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Nitrile examination gloves

Semy Care Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves, Size XL, upper soft-stretch, white, tested food suitability, Free from latex allergenic
proteins, Premium quality, powder-free, thickness approx. 100
micron, high puncture resistance

Manoferm hand and skin disinfectant

Hand and skin disinfectant Manoferm 500 ml bottle for use with a wall
dispenser. Manoferm is a disinfectant for hands and skin hygiene. It is a ready-to-use application solution that contains no alcohol or other toxic
substances. It neutralises odour bacteria, does not dry out the skin, gentle
disinfecting hygienic skin and hand washing for frequent use on sensitive
skin. It does not stain, is blood-dissolving and is odourless. Fast
bactericidal (E. Coli) within 30 seconds and fungicidal (Candida) effect.
The active ingredients have been tested for Influenza A viruses and found
to be effective.


An oxygen concentrator first sucks air through a filter system to remove microorganisms and dust. The purified air is compressed and nitrogen contained in it is separated by a filter membrane or molecular sieve. This unit is intended for domestic oxygen therapy.
It is operated via the mains and allows a continuous supply of oxygen, even during sleep. The 8F-5AW from Yuewell can be easily and conveniently moved on castors. This device offers an oxygen supply of up to 5 litres per minute and oxygen concentrations of up to 95.5 %.

Shoosh, The long heating patch

The Shoosh® long heating patch has been specially formulated for athletes and for persons working in physical and active professions. Shoosh is typically used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the back and joints such as knees and elbows.  It starts working immediately, reducing pain in a few hours enabling the person to recommence physical actives. Shoosh was developed primarily for use by doctors, physiotherapists and for use in fitness centres, sports clubs. It too is an odourless patch, providing very long constant warmth for up to 12 hours.

Pulse Oximeter YX301

The fingertip pulse oximeter is characterized by a small volume, low power consumption, ease of use and portability. It's just
it is necessary for the patient to be able to pinch one of his fingertips. The photoelectric sensor for diagnosis and a screen directly display the measured value of haemoglobin saturation with oxygen.  It has been proven in clinical experiments that it repeatedly measures with high precision.


Forehead thermometer that has a duo sensor so that the measurement
results are more accurate. It's more accurate with the sensor duo. It can
be in silent or vibrate mode (there is an on / off button). It can vibrate
when the measurement is complete.

Medical disposable products
Hygienic Products
Respiratory Systems
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